Miklos Philips

Lead User Experience Designer and Product Design Strategist
Miklos Philips - Product Designer, UX Designer, UX Strategist
On a Quest for Exceptional UX

About 16 years ago I crossed over from visual design, interaction design and information architecture into the nascent world of user experience design.

Since then, I have worked with companies large and small, B2B and B2C, from New York to San Francisco, and from Los Angeles to London.

Employing user-centered design methodologies and best practices across multiple touch-points (desktop, tablet, mobile), I lead a team of UX professionals and guide the user experience design, as well as remaining a hands-on product designer.

My passion is to create elegant, efficient, intuitive experiences. To me it's about the relentless pursuit of awesome UX: the right content, features, and functionality, in the right place, at the right time, in the right way, providing optimum user experiences, effortless interaction, and business benefits.

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My Articles on Design
Anticipatory Design: How to Create Magical User Experiences
Anticipatory Design: How to Create Magical User Experiences

Anticipatory design is the UX technique of responding to user needs one step before they actually express those needs...

Design for Emotion to Increase User Engagement
Design for Emotion to Increase User Engagement

When done well, emotional design increases engagement and can elicit an emotion that will deliver a positive response in users...

Never Ever Just Design Pretty Little Apps
Never Ever Just Design Pretty Little Apps

Often, designers make the mistake of designing apps for their own vanity, focusing on the veneer instead of designing a great user experience...

AI and Design
The Present and Future of AI in Design

AI has become an over-hyped buzzword and the design world is no exception. Instead of resisting it, designers will soon be co-creating...

Design Psychology and the Neuroscience of Awesome UX
Design Psychology and the Neuroscience of Awesome UX

Human cognition is complex, and many factors play into instant impressions. Design psychology is coming to the forefront...

What is UX Design
What is UX Design? Common Misconceptions and UX Myths

This article dispels the myths and lays bare the many misconceptions surrounding the discipline by looking at what UX design is...

UX Deliverables
The 10 UX Deliverables Top Designers Use

Regardless of the environment or size of a project, UX professionals need a variety of deliverables to help facilitate design communication...

Anticipatory, Persuasive and Emotional Design
The Ultimate UX Hook – Anticipatory & Emotional Design

Some products prove irresistible because they combine psychological design techniques that create an ultimate UX hook...

Interaction Design Principles
Boost Your UX with These Interaction Design Principles

Interaction design principles form the bedrock of awesome UX. Truly great interaction design relies on a set of conventions, standards...

Heuristic Analysis for UX
Heuristic Analysis for UX - How to Run a Usability Evaluation

How do we run a heuristic analysis effectively by employing a group of usability experts to dramatically improve a product’s UX?...

Dark UI
Dark UIs. The Good and the Bad. Dos and Don’ts

Dark-themed UIs can be dramatic, stylish and elegant. But despite the many benefits, they come with a slew of challenges and potential pitfalls...

Human-Centered Design
The Importance of Human-Centered Design

Human-centered design is about solving problems, not implementing solutions. This guide provides an overview of HCD, a process that...

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