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I solve product design problems for various organizations and startups by applying UX design best practices, performing user research and testing, providing heuristic analyses, and advising on UX success metrics.

Here's a small sampling of various product design projects.

(Due to confidentiality agreements I can only show a small set of examples.)

Employee Performance Dashboard

This project was about designing an employee performance dashboard for managers and team leaders. It needed to be visually sparse, quick to decipher at-a-glance, as well as easily customizable. The dashboard saved the company time, and gave a clearer overview of their teams' performance.

UX redesign for flight search startup

Hair and Beauty Salon Booking System UX Redesign

A software company came to me with a problem. They were receiving a lot of negative feedback about their online booking system. It needed critical usability improvements. Conducting user testing and performing a heuristic evaluation, I was able to simplify complex features and improved usability. In a matter of weeks, more people started using their booking system and they started receiving positive feedback.

UX redesign for hair salon
UX redesign for hair salon
UX redesign for hair salon

HackerOne Dashboard Redesign

I was asked to redesign the dashboard for HackerOne, a company that helps organizations reduce the risk of a security incident by working with the world's largest community of hackers. These two wireframes were final designs before handing them off to their visual designer.

UX redesign for HackerOne dashboard

The following screen uses a modal to show more granular data, designed to ease the transition between primary and secondary information. It helps users contextualize primary information by allowing them to access and view supplemental information without leaving the primary screen or environment.

UX redesign for HackerOne dashboard

What I Learned and Key Takeaways

What I learned from these projects is that conducting user research and defining "For whom are we designing for? And, what are their goals?" is extremely important in product design.

Throughout these projects, I conducted user research, wireframing, prototyping, user-testing, and final UI designs. I put users first and helped prioritize product roadmaps with the product and engineering teams. During implementation, I ensured we had feedback-loops with developers to guarantee product quality and optimize the designs.

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